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PDLC Smart Glass

Smart glass, EGlass, or switchable glass, also called smart windows or switchable windows in its application to windows or skylights, refers to electrically switchable glass or glazing which changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied..

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EVA film is one of glass film,which are used for laminated glass .It is of even color and strong adhesive .

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Laminating Machines

They are used to make different type of laminated glass such as laminated glass for decorative and architectural purposes and polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) panel which is transparent allowing light passing through when voltage applied and opaque when voltage shut off.

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Glass cutter tools, Glass handling tools, Small mechanical, wheels, Accessories for glass machines and hand tools, Accessories for Glass hardware

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Continental Trading

Continental Trading is a professional manufacturer for tools, mainly produces glass deep processing, incision and transportation tools. It is the only glass incision manufacturer in India


Continental Trading is composed of professional personnel, who are working in glass tools and research and development.

Kerui Glass Tool


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    LED Glass
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    Color EVA Films



Spraying glass with special grit sand in a jet of air is known as sandblasting –gives the surface a translucent frosted appearance . heavy sandblasting can form deep sculpted contours in the glass.

Acid Etching

Glass surface is dissolved with strong acid wash to give it a translucent finish. It is the oldest technique used on glass since centuries.

Cutting Grinding Polishing

Glass can be cut,ground and polished to give shape,smoothness or texture.Italian diamond wheels are used modernly to give quality finish.